My Hobbies

In my daily life I have only one hobbie, because I don`t have to many free time.
My hobbie is do exercise in a gym called "Cuadro`s Gym".

I do weights in the gym because I want to look stronger and because I like it.

My Daily Routine

1. First I wake up. . 
2. Later I wake up I go to wash my theeth.

3. Later I take a shower. 
4. after that I go to have lunch.
5. Later I help with the things of the house.
6. Later I go to the gym to do exercise.
7. Later I come back to my house to prepair to the job.
8. Later I go to my job.
9. later of that I come to my house in the night.
10. And finally I eat something and I go to slepp.

My House


My house is place where all my family live. This in the first place what you see when you go to my house.Bathroom

In this place of the house we do our necesary things, like take a shower and other things.


In my bedroom I sleep with my wife and in sometimes with my sons.


In this place my wife do the dinner and the lunch and all the food for the day, in sometimes I help her and my sons to.